Letter to the Editor: Treatment of Carron unfair


Dear Editor:

As a former 10-year resident of Perryville, former employee of Perry County Memorial Hospital, and current rural hospital CEO, I believe I have a unique perspective to offer on what is currently happening at PCMH, specifically regarding the hospital board’s actions against Patrick Carron.

I am appalled at the Board’s actions against Mr. Carron.  Mr. Carron has worked in administration at PCMH for 27 years, 10 of which (2006-2016) I had the pleasure of working with and alongside him as VP of Operations.  He has devoted his life tomaking PCMH great.  Over the past decade as many rural hospitals have withered, closed, or been forced to join a larger hospital system (only to have services stripped away); Mr. Carron led PCMH to grow, add services, add employees, improve in reputation, and thrive.   In 2015 and 2016, PCMH was named a Top 20 critical access hospital in the nation (out of 1,300 total CAH’s) based on a scorecard made up of financial, quality, safety, and patient satisfaction metrics, a testament to the hard work and strategic forethought of Patrick Carron.

I worked alongside Mr. Carron for 10 years and can personally attest that he ALWAYS acted with the utmost integrity, honesty, and compassion. He was a tremendous role model.  

With the experience and successes he had at PCMH, he could have easily left for a position at a larger institution paying a much larger salary.  I’m sure he was solicited often.  He remained loyal to PCMH because he truly cares about it, its patients, and the community.  Now some members of the hospital board apparently have a personal axe to grind and they are destroying the life and career of the most devoted administrator they’ve ever known.

It’s unfair, it’s unjust, and I think the public should know.

Lee M. Clinton

Titusville, Pa.


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