Students the focus during Coffee/Connections


The focus was on the students as the local schools in the area converged on one spot.
School administrators at Perry County School District 32, Immanuel Lutheran, and Saxony Lutheran spoke to members of the Chamber of Commerce at the Coffee and Connections event on Thursday at the Catalyst Center.
“Our mission is to foster the growth of each student,” first year St. Vincent Head of Schools and Principal Sarah Cato said. “We want to transform each student through faith and knowledge.”
Since Cato is rather new to St. Vincent she invited seniors Addison Cates and Lexi Bohnert to talk about their experience while at the school.
“Throughout my time here, I have learned a lot about faith, family and tradition,” Bohnert said. “St. Vincent allows its students to be part of a tight knit community that they know they can come back to. The smaller student body allows its students to have deeper connection with classmates.”
Cates expressed much of the same sentiments.
“St. Vincent was the third school I had attended, but little did I know when I walked through the doors that I would meet my forever friends,” Cates said. “Students and teachers welcomed me with open arms.”
After the seniors spoke longtime and recently retired teacher Tom Prost played his guitar and sang the St. Vincent theme song “Everywhere I Go.” Prost retired following last school year after more than 40 years at St. Vincent.

Following along the same vein, Saxony Lutheran Principal Mark Ruark played a video that highlighted the “four pillars” that Saxony Lutheran stands by: faith, family, academics and activities.
“I’m very proud of what we do at Saxony Lutheran and what we have been able to achieve over the last 21 years,” Ruark said.
He noted that the school will welcome in its first second generation student next year as well.
“It’s exciting and we look forward to that being part of our future as well,” he said.
Immanuel Lutheran Principal Andy Spieler noted that this year’s them for the K-8 school is “through all things.”
“It’s a reminder that Christ is in all the things that we do,” he said. “Nothing gets left out. It’s so wonderful for me to hear the Word of God being taught every day. It’s our job as teachers and administrators to bring along the next group of Christ’s disciples.”
Through the dedication of the teachers, and the success of its students through academics and activities, Spieler knows that Immanuel Lutheran is one of he best schools around.
“I am truly blessed to work at Immanuel Lutheran, he said. “What we do at Immanuel is great and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”


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