Protecting our rural values and way of life


Here in southeastern and south-central Missouri, we’re very blessed to live in an area that’s home to some of the best hunting found anywhere in the state. While we always set out hoping for a successful day, what makes hunting really special is that it’s an opportunity to spend time with friends and family, making memories we’ll never forget. But as we know all too well, this proud and cherished tradition is constantly under attack by those on the Left, whether they’re trying to ban guns, ammo, or even hunting in general.
Like so many outstate Missourians, I grew up around guns. We learned early on how to safely operate a firearm, whether we’re using them for hunting or shooting targets out back or at the range. We also learned how important they are for protecting our homes and families – especially for those of us in rural areas where the local police department is often miles and miles away or, in some cases, does not exist at all.
The Left believes that the Second Amendment can be legislated away. They couldn’t be more wrong. The right to bear arms is one of our most important freedoms as Americans. But it’s also the one that’s most threatened. Time and again, Washington Democrats try to turn tragedy into an opportunity to take away our right to bear arms. Instead of holding accountable the disturbed criminals who carry out despicable acts of violence, they villainize gun owners and firearms.

Let me be clear: I will NEVER stop fighting to protect Americans’ Second Amendment rights. For all of my life, I’ve been a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. And in Congress, I’ve fought tooth and nail against every attempt by Washington Democrats to force their radical anti-gun agenda on rural Americans. While the two years that Washington Democrats had control of the White House and Congress was a difficult time for law-abiding gun owners, I’m glad the American people voted in a Republican House majority that has the votes to block the Left’s anti-gun agenda. But make no mistake, the fight for law-abiding gun owners is far from over.
One of the biggest threats facing gun owners right now is the Biden administration’s rule restricting pistol braces, which are helpful for individuals – including disabled veterans – who lack physical strength to comfortably fire pistols. I was proud to coauthor a measure that the House passed back in June to get rid of this overreaching Biden administration rule. In addition, I’ve coauthored two amicus briefs urging the Supreme Court to block it from going into effect. Whether it’s in the halls of Congress or across the street at the Supreme Court, conservatives will keep fighting to protect the rights of all law-abiding gun owners – not just the able-bodied.
Defending the Second Amendment doesn’t just mean fighting back against the Left’s anti-gun agenda in Washington. It also means trying to prevent gun ownership from becoming criminalized at the state level as well. Just weeks after Republicans retook control of the House, we introduced the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. The legislation, which I coauthored, protects law-abiding gun owners’ rights to conceal carry and travel between states without having to worry about conflicting state law or getting hit with civil suits.
As President Ronald Reagan reminded us, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It has to be fought for and defended by each generation.” As your voice in Congress, I will never stop fighting for our rural values and way of life, whether it’s defending the Second Amendment, keeping wokeness out of our schools, or protecting the unborn.