Perryville man faces two felonies after child allegedly overdoses due to opioid ingestion


A Perryville man is in custody and facing two felony charges following an incident in which a one-year-old was unresponsive after the ingestion of fentanyl and brought to a local emergency room.

On Jan. 10, officers with the Perryville Police Department were called to Perry County Memorial Hospital due to an unresponsive one-year-old child. Dustin Diemert, 32, was identified as the man who brought the one-year-old child in for treatment.

Hospital personnel informed the responding officers that the child was suffering an overdose due to opioid ingestion and had to be administered Narcan (a drug to reverse the effects of opioid drugs). The child was then flown to St. Louis Children’s Hospital for further treatment. In transit, another dose of Narcan was administered to revive the child.

Detective Michelle Zahner with the Perryville Police Department conducted an interview of Diemert, according to a press release. Initially, he denied knowing how the child came to access the fentanyl.

After further questioning, he admitted to going to buy fentanyl from his dealer at approximately 6:45 a.m. Monday, Jan. 10 and to using fentanyl before returning home at approximately 9:15 a.m.

Diemert, who was dating the victim’s mother, stated the victim was still asleep, so he went back to bed with the victim. Diemert stated when he woke up, he found the victim had climbed to the top of the dresser where he had placed the drugs before getting in bed. He found the victim drowsy and not acting right with two chewed-up capsules of his fentanyl on the floor

Diemert then took the child to Perry County Memorial Hospital Emergency Room for treatment, according to the release. Diemert brought one of the chewed-up capsules with him to the hospital. The release states that Diemert admitted he minimized his role by telling the hospital staff that he did not know what the capsule was, but he found it in the victim’s mouth, and it might be what is wrong with him.

Perry County Prosecuting Attorney Caitlin M.H. Pistorio charged Dustin Diemert with the Class B Felony of Child Endangerment and the Class D Felony of Possession of a Controlled Substance. As charged, Diemert faces up to twenty-two 22 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections, if convicted.

At this time, Diemert is being held in the Perry County Jail on a $20,000 cash only warrant issued by Judge Craig Brewer.

As of Jan. 11, when the probable cause statement was taken, the child ws being treated at St. Louis Children's Hospital.