Letter to the Editor: Who pays the price?


Dear Editor
If you want to see what is right in Perryville, drive around the Court House and check out all of the Christmas lights, they are beautiful.
I recently attended a PCMH public board meeting. The agenda for the meeting was to include a discussion and vote for changing of the bylaws of the Public Board. One has to ask, what bylaws need changing, who specifically proposed the changes and especially why now when ownership of PCMH is soon the be changed
Looking closer at the printed agenda it appears that certain members of the Public Hospital Board wants the authority to remove any deemed undesirable elected Board member they desire. Simply, in my opinion, this proposed bylaw change is meant to be an attack on Mr. Bill Bohnert, who recently raised and expressed justifiable concerns over the $6,000,000 unused and unpaid bill to Cerner and asked for resignations of Chris Wibbenmeyer CEO, and Mike Ellis CFO.

Mr. Bohnert is our most recently elected PCMH board member and represents the new thinking of Perry County: Be an outspoken protector of what is left of PCMH. Could these proposed changed be old school thinking, resisting new ideas by eliminating opposing representation. In my opinion, this is a version of Woke mentality, “DON’T LIKE THE MESSAGE, ATTACK THE MESSENGER.” Could the hospital management be unethically conspiring with board members to eliminate Mr. Bohnert.
I for one would not be in favor of any bylaw changes that diminish or impair the duties and resulting effectiveness of any newly elected board member. We shall see the true intent! The tabled vote on this issue was rescheduled for the Januarys’ board meeting because Mrs. Guth and CFO Ellis were not present.
At the end of the day the question is: Can a public board of elected people of a “community hospital” without any amount of taxpayer rules, dictate at their pleasure without oversight? Have mercy on the voting public, let our elected voices rule! Please, get informed, and vote in the next hospital board election.

Joe D Hutchison