Letter to the Editor: Where are we?


To the Editor:

Where we are at in this moment.... in this our “democracy.”
1. Climate Change .... Who can possibly doubt it!
2. An attack on voting ... and therefore on our Democracy .... Check!
3. A failure to fund and adequately regulate a true democratic system of governance? ... Absolutely!
4. A plethora of unconscionable lies and disgusting, disingenuous obfuscations .... To protect those lies ... and to protect and project the power of corporate money ... Unquestionably!
5. A tyranny of the embrace of the idiocy of ignorance .... Re. climate change, vaccination, voting, immigration, regulation, taxes, abortion & guns .... you ‘ve got it.
If we are Americans ... Patriots ... Believers in God ... and the moral values which stem from Him.... We must:
1. Fund every possible opportunity to create infrastructure
2. Fund an equitable, functional, productive public education system which is the only potential guarantee of systemic democracy.
3. Create a national election/voting system which protects minority access and radically minimizes the opportunity for corporate and political minority manipulation.
4. Create a “radical” opportunity for every one of us on this planet .... As God’s beloved children to access the freedom of opportunity which we disgustingly brag that we have .... To raise our families .... our children ... without fear of oppression, hunger, devastation, torture, fear or death.
5. Minimize, if not eliminate the military industrial complex’s control of our foreign policy which has projected us over and over again into multi-trillion dollar conflicts resulting in the loss of millions of lives and the potential destitution of our nation’s very moral fiber and as a result, our very democracy.

Jim Martin


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