Letter to the Editor: What is a RINO?


Dear Editor,
What is a RINO, really?
Republican in Name Only!
How do RINO’S disguise themselves?
They have the distinct ability to pretend, in public, to be conservative. They flash a smile, wear some camo, throw on a pair of boots. Maybe they have a picture of Ronald Reagan in their office, or others may raffle off a shotgun to raise funds for themselves, or maybe they say “Trump, he’s cool!” They may throw on a Trump hat, but go in a voting booth and vote against him first chance they get!
They say they are for the folks, love the military, back the blue, support the police, love Veterans, would put out fires along side firefighters, and help teachers. But when it really counts, they turn their backs on all of them when it becomes politically expedient to do so! The good ole boy system!

Inevitably, Rino’s will put themselves before you and your family!
Get to know who you are voting for in the Republican party. Really learn who these people are, spend time with them, look into their eyes, search their souls and their voting records. This November is big! November of 2024 may change the course of the rest of our lives!

With All Respect,
Keith Alexander Carroll
Perry County Republican Central Committee


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