Letter to the Editor: Vote for Change


Dear Editor,
I have learned in recent months that elected boards can lose perspective of who they represent, by depending on those who have seemingly illustrious credentials, prestigious names and references. In today’s world of government intrusion and self-serving agendas, the welfare of our community and protection of its values requires that these protected boards be scrutinized and not be deemed infallible. PCMH had and has three supervisory boards and a supposed illustrious management team. In my opinion the cause of the failure of PCMH was in part of total lack of public scrutiny. Soon PCMH will meet its total demise at considerable loss of assets and Perry County values.
District 32, by allowing a $935,000 tax increase and spending as much as $200,000 hiring a second superintendent seems to have lost some perspective, I believe that county tax payers would never have voted for such proposals.
Again, our community pays the bills for our county schools much like we built and supported PCMH. On or before April 3, 2023, we will have a school board election that must reflect an informed electorate. Before that date District 32 must become transparent in regards to any new agendas and planned funding for District 32. I would like to suggest that board members and management pledge to support state legislation regarding Parent’s Rights In Education.

Remember the last Hospital Board election: A 20-year board member was ousted by informed voters. If multiple Board Members had been elected our Community Hospital would have likely become transparent and probably still would reflect the name PCMH.
Joe D Hutchison


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