Letter to the Editor: UNCERTAIN TIMES


Dear Editor,
As Americans we should know that it is vitally important to rally around one another in the world in which we find ourselves today!
In uncertain times fear grips us, it changes the way we respond to each other, our reaction to our current circumstance of ongoing uncertainty makes it essential to work together to solve many of the problems we face today and yes the list of concerns is long and winding, but failure is not an option.
Now is not the time for like-minded people to divide. No! it is time to join one to another and work to make anew once again what has now faltered and failed in our Community, our State, our great Nation and HIS Creation in which we dwell and look to flourish and thrive.

We must work together to crush all insurmountable obstacles, because as Americans we have it within our DNA to rise above epic circumstances and cross vast oceans and defy our worlds overwhelming gravity with our iron wills those unique American qualities that have been ordained by God!
America is a blessing let’s remain blessed join one another for good, not tomorrow, not next week, but today! I tell you Today!
God Bless and with All Respect,

Keith Alexander Carroll


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