Letter to the Editor: Time to wake up


To the Editor:
It’s well past time we all wake from our fitful dreams and fevered fantasies of some idyllic past of white picket fences and matching neighbors, babbling unpolluted brooks, lifelong, happily heterosexual matings (always after marriage); where no woman was ever mistreated, or girl had to deal with an unwanted or unendurable pregnancy, where no crimes were committed and all of us devoutly attended church every Sunday and always, always obeyed all ten commandments. A time when “Strange Fruit” (see Billie Holliday) didn’t grow on southern oaks and our perfect children could never be tainted by uncomfortable truths (such as CRT). And, of course, a time where all our wars were just, justifiable, and eminently laudable; where atomic bombs could be utilized with no fear (for us). A time where racism was unknown and blessedly unimaginable, because “those” people were just never allowed anywhere near us.
And, of course, of a “Grand” and beneficent “Old” political party forever governed by truth, justice and “the American way” and eternally dedicated to our flawless constitution.
Folks, it’s time to quit hitting “snooze”. It’s a quarter past 10…. and I don’t mean a.m.! Our failure to wake up to protect others with a mask or get a simple shot in the arm has condemned hundreds of thousands of us to a tortuous, slow strangulation in our own bodily fluids. It’s condemning every one of our children and grandchildren to a life we can’t possibly imagine and a world which is day by day more and more irretrievably defiled & decimated by our despicable, criminal inaction.
It’s so far past time to wipe the sleep from our eyes, splash a little water on our faces and get to work to clean up this disgusting mess we’re all so complicit in making/allowing. It’s time to put on our rubber gloves and masks, (to minimize the odor and contamination) and mop up the disingenuous and complicitly death dealing bums who, (despite their chameleon like resemblance to their fellow human beings); by their knowing inaction or worse still intentionality, have thumbed their noses at morality and us, the citizens they “swore” to “represent”; the insolent phonies who every day more and more brazenly defile our laws, sully our constitution and then have the unutterable gall and brass balled temerity to lie through their teeth about it.
Page back a few years to your old Psych. 101 text re. abusive relationships. The abused (us) starts off smitten with the “handsome”, smooth talking fella (you know who) who just keeps comin’ round expressing his undying love, but because we let him get away with first one thing, then another, then another…just keeps behaving more and more abusively… he just can’t help himself. And guess what…. However much we grab our little “blankies” and try to hide in our fevered fantasies… he/they ain’t gonna change….They’re just going to keep escalating that abuse. And, we ain’t got no “safe house”, or other planet lying around…to run away to.
Folks, time to wake up. Just a news flash, (between you and me): they think we’re gutless fools & simpletons. And, you know what….“if it walks like a duck…”
Jim Martin,


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