Letter to the Editor: Taxes Taxes Taxes


Dear Editor,
Is it true? I have heard that our public school now has two Superintendents and they encouraged the school board to allow and accept approximately $900,000 in additional taxes.
Yes, approximately $900,000 added to the recently passed bond issues and yearly reassessments has resulted in as much as a 30 to 40 percent increase in property taxes in recent years. This was totally unnecessary but allowable by knowing the complex budgeting laws of education and an intentional lack of informed transparency.
Apparently because used vehicles are worth 25% more this year, our two superintendents encouraged the school board to accept $900,000 more dollars from a community where 60% live paycheck to paycheck, 20% are behind on utilities and 16% are seniors. Personally, I think we do not need two superintendents. In my opinion, the school board was not well advised when they were encouraged to vote for this money.
Perry County is certainly up to date with property taxes, sales taxes, commercial taxes, and every assessment imaginable that goes into the money coffers to be distributed for the governance of our county. Perhaps, our community should say “No More” until a review with extreme scrutiny is applied to each entity receiving tax dollars and to each and every existing county tax for excesses.
The seniors of this county number about 16% of 18,600 and pay approximately 65% of the taxes. For some, the tax burden is, has or will very soon will lead to life style changes: not being able to afford the cost of living. Yes, I am aware of senior tax exceptions; however, those exceptions may not be enough to aid all.

We the people should especially reject taxes, for so to speak hospital’s upkeep. It apparently has been mismanaged and any assessment does not make sense: million dollar doctors, excessive pay and bonuses to management and paying for two CEO’s. I personally feel the hospital tax should be eliminated especially with a pending merger.
In regards to our public school: having received Covid money; cash for instituting
government programs for every ideological woke mentality; recently passed bond issues and local cash from continual reassessment, our schools should be flushed with cash. Perhaps this increase was direly needed to pay for a second superintendent that was hired for $140,000. I am guessing, but highly suspect we may now be the only County in the state of Missouri with two superintendents for county schools and a hospital paying two CEOs.
Perry County also has a commercial tax. That is a tax amongst highest in the state. This tax, since 1985, should also be scrutinized. There is a growing trend to minimize this tax return so to not stifle business. Perry County should not be the last county to lower the commercial tax.
In the midst of this mismanagement one voice, newly elected school board member, Melissa Hahn, fully understood that this tax was wrong. Please, more concerned citizens should stand up, voice their conservative opinion and take our school forward.

Joe D. Hutchison D.D.S


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