Letter to the Editor: Story Time


Dear Editor
I love to tell the story …
Sometimes there is a message that is so clear that you cannot help but see it, a story that is so clear it cannot be denied.
It has finally become crystal clear that 1,200 Israeli men, women and children were brutally tortured, mutilated, and killed Oct. 6th, that 13,000 of their fellow human beings were instantaneously dispatched from this life in Gaza and that 1.5 million of their fellow human beings were torn from their homes and summarily traumatized because of where they happened to live, not primarily because of religious or ethnic bias, but because of an abysmal lack of political will over 75 years on the part of most Arab states, our United States and, most culpably, our increasingly “bosom” and toxic ally over those 75 years, the state of Israel.
And to double or even triple down on that abject culpability, that state’s thrice indicted, right wing “leader” was so swollen in his compulsion to avoid jail, his lust for political power and his support for his ultra-right wing allies, and so very, very full of himself; that he and his allies ignored a detailed 40-page intelligence report compiled by perhaps the best intelligence network in the world, the legendary Mossad, presented to him and the Israeli Defense Force a full 12 months ago, which spelled out almost exactly the Hamas plan of attack on Oct. 6th.
We listen to this news and our jaws inexorably drop. We are gobsmacked by the unfathomable depth of human immorality displayed. The disregard for human rights and human life is devastating and thoroughly despicable.

The incredibly shallow and strutting cupidity of numerous Arab potentates and Generalissimos over those 75 years, the facile, abjectly political machinations of multiple American Presidents and preening Congresses and worst of all, the self-righteous, self-indulgent, excessive neediness of generations of human beings, simply because God has anointed them as genetically Jewish.
I find myself sadly, solemnly, prayerfully picturing thousands of ethnically blessed Jewish Kibbutz dwellers and “future endowed” shining Jewish youth sleeping off the wonderful evening of Oct. 5th and embracing their inexorable “God Blessed” placement in the heart of “God’s Kingdom”, enjoying joyous music, personal ligations and alcoholic and other beverages, often only a mile from the guarded chain link and protective concrete barriers of those “God Cursed” human beings, their fellow human beings- the “dreaded” and “accursed” Palestinians of Gaza on the morning of Oct. 6th.
Over 75 inexorable years, all of the above entities and human beings have ignored the suffering of millions of their fellow God blessed human beings, human beings who, through only the accident of the location of their birth, grew up within the arbitrary, invisible boundary of the “state of Israel.”
I close my eyes and my heart is filled with God’s music, with unendurable sadness and with hope.
“I love to tell the story, twill be my theme in glory, to tell the old, old story, of Jesus and his love.”
Jim Martin