Dear Editor,
At the very innermost core of the heart where our soul resides we just want, hope and pray for a few basic things in our lives and those are safety and security for our family and not so selfishly stability and the right to worship as we see fit for ourselves our loved ones and we pray for the Freedom that should come along with it
In a world full of change we have to guard against and deeply research terms such as Population Health, Restorative Discipline, Critical Race Theory and on and on!
These terms will be presented to you as positive with buzz words, fads and Pop culture and touchy feely mind meld games they play with words such as inclusive, equitable, fair and loving and also some derisive words that divide not bring us together like Juneteenth. Holidays should bring us together as a nation not be marked on a calendar for political points that confuse and divide us as a people. Holidays are for ALL Americans not to be made cheap by politicians with an agenda to divide you from your neighbors!

A world where we have a few more churches than coffee shops and bars is not a bad world to strive for, faith is a noble life affirming part of who we are and pursuing your faith is a real community benefit those who love others in our Hearts do not walk into a school with ill intentions hell bent on harming others.
Stand firm for your community do not let the pop fads of the day change who you are!
God Bless and with All Respect,
Keith Alexander Carroll


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