Letter to the Editor: Sound of Freedom


Dear Editor
The Sound of Freedom!
The movie that pulls back the curtain as it lifts the veil of evil in our time , the movie that invokes so many raw emotions as we deal with the cruel reality of children being sold like slaves in a market to be used and then disregarded like so much trash in a dump.
Sadness, anger and inspiration spring forth from this movie! 
Sadness is coming to grips with the fact that some human being could ever harm a child , a child that could be your son or daughter your granddaughter or grandson and that invokes true sadness as it hurts our heart to it’s God made core., God  please we pray that you change the Heart of these perpetrators.
Anger is justified, justice is the core of justification, all good Men should protect,  and stand up against any and all harm to our fellow human beings. 

When good Men do nothing evil flourishes»!
Inspiration teaches us, motivates us and shows us that light , transparency and discussion are to be celebrated not quelled by those self serving  entrenched powers, those same powers that would have us  «Regular Folks» sit in dark shadows and cover our ears, eyes and mouths in silence. 
Inspiration leads to motivation , motivation leads to action and action leads to a better world!
 Get involved in your community, stand for truth, justice and transparency, remember ALL voices that want a better Community should be encouraged and heard,  never close the curtain on SALT and LIGHT for those good things are God’s remedy for our affliction.Come Lord Jesus! 

Keith A Carroll