Letter to the Editor: School Boards Matter!


Dear Editor,
School Boards Matter!
Our community has the upside potential to reach a new level of excellence in Education.
Imagine a system where your children and grandchildren can be prepared for a life of strong vibrant work opportunities. Whether it be through college or the proud avenue of career skills, dynamic robust education lives right here in Perry County.
Your School Board plays a pivotal role in achieving excellence and guiding the Superintendent to reach higher, think bigger, work harder, and promote promise through creativity and flexibility that fosters excellence in education!
Dynamic new members are needed to incubate, nourish, and grow these solid ideas.
Members with a specific interest in our school, members who live it everyday with their school age children, members with children in school TODAY.
Those that have a specific interest, concern, and desire to make our district the best it can be!
April 2023
Your School! Your Children! Your Voice! Your vote to promote excellent new candidates!

With All Respect,

Keith Alexander Carroll