Letter to the Editor: Rise above circumstances


Dear Editor,
We live in a world where hopes light glimmers softly to an amber glow shaded by our circumstance.
Our time is now, our duty to make our community a better place is born into our very existence as Americans.
If you want to better Yourself and your Family then going “Back to the Future” it is a time tested Revival in America!
Get married, stay married, work hard, raise kids in a nuclear family, assign chores, encourage high expectations, get a real education, acquire skills, teach manners, help others, go to church, love God, give to charity, love people for the content of their character, trust in a power higher than yourself, be an encourager, build up the world do not tear it down, save history learn from it and pass on knowledge so it becomes wisdom.
Old fashioned is never old never and out of style because doing right never has an expiration date.
Rise above your circumstance show the world that your amber glow can can shine bright on the sun’s surface. Your light is the Son’s light.....
And they said!
With all respect,

Keith A. Carroll,


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