Letter to the Editor: Pray


Dear Editor
Do you still pray?
They say fear is one of the greatest motivating factors in our lives. It causes us to take action, to reach higher, dig deeper, and yes, thank God it causes us to pray.
Prayer helps us reflect on the state of our nation and the state of our relationship with Christ. Fear moves us to HIM and He guides us in times of, well, let’s just be honest, we live in evil times. Times where there are bloody wars and rumors of wars. We live in times where good is bad and our evil ways seem to be right and just to so many of us living in a fallen world.
Now is not the time, now is not the place, now is not the season to give up on prayer. These times in which we find ourselves call for us to give more time to prayer as our country cries out for God’s blessings, mercy, and comfort.
Will you pray with me?
Pray for our country and for our Faith, Family and Freedom!
God Bless and with all respect,
Keith Alexander Carroll