Letter to the Editor: Over the target


Dear Editor,
“Over the Target” incoming fire , a hail of bullets we take! As we near our objective!
 I have fought for Perry County Citizens for years , never asking for anything in return except your dedication and  involvement in your community. 
Not many folks are willing to stick their necks out to fight for the common man! But that’s exactly my passion, to fight for you!  the unheard, the underappreciated, the solid backbone of our community. You vote! You take pride in your community! You pay taxes to better your City with little complaint!
When I take fire I know it’s directed at you the everyday taxpayers, the body of the County, the engine that drives us forward! 
Regardless of where this journey takes us, I will remain steadfast in guarding your interests from foes both foreign and domestic! 

I have taken a Solemn oath to the constitution and it’s my intention to fight for the same regardless of the accusations that target all Perry Countians!
We are over the target let them fire away! 
Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment “ Speak no ILL of your fellow Republican” 
God bless and with all respect,
Keith Alexander Carroll