Letter to the Editor: New Leadership


Dear Editor,
Are you like many of our friends, family, and neighbors? Do you believe we live in extraordinary times? Do you believe that we live in unprecedented times that call for historic action and brave individuals willing to go above and beyond to adapt, navigate, and thrive in the new uncertain world in which we find ourselves?
I believe that we live in a moment of amazing potential. A moment, a snapshot in time that has the potential to be as bright as the summer sun. But only if we are willing to go far above and far beyond our own expectations, experiences, and attitudes of the past 20 years that have left us mostly tired, melancholy and in a period of great intellectual stagnation. A recession and depression of creativity and bold cutting edge leadership.
It is time for new leadership at every level of society. Every position cries out for new bold creativity, classic conservative but sensible values, and strong decisive transparent leadership to move boldly into the brave new world.
With All Respect,
God Bless,
Keith Carroll