Letter to the Editor: Mad at the FBI


Dear Editor,
Yes I’m mad that the FBI seized those government documents at Mar-a-Lago. Every American should be! What took so long? Many Republicans say all the FBI had to do was ask for them nicely. As it turns out they had been asking for a year and a half. Requests were only partially complied with and subpoenas ignored. One Trump lawyer insisted she had thoroughly searched the premises,even going through closets and drawers.But whoopsie! Look at what she missed,. something like 11,000 plus documents in 15 big boxes , many .of the documents highly classified Those fancy Mar-a-Lago floors must have some pretty wide cracks in them for all those to fall through.
Trump’s usual enablers are shocked, shocked! No, not that Trump would take off with such sensitive material, but that the FBI would actually search the former president’s home for them. “It’s unprecedented to search a former president’s residence ,” they exclaim. They neglect to say no other president has pulled such a stunt. Sadly, probably the kindest thing you can say about Trump’s presidency is that it was unprecedented.
And it’s not merely a”storage problem” as Senator Marco Rubio says, actually managing to keep a straight face The problem is that some of the material is so highly classified that even the agents doing the search weren’t allowed to read them. Many of the documents are from the CIA, FBI and NSA, among others. There are nuclear secrets in there and the type of intelligence reports that could put American agents’ lives at risk if revealed.
So you would think surely Trump would be extremely careful with this stuff. Wrong again.

Remember that television clip of him casually handing over a classified document to the Russian ambassador in the Oval Office, just for fun (we hope)? And FBI agents who searched the premises found secret documents stored openly in boxes with other items, some in Trump’s office drawers, in a room where many people circulated in and out of. .And Mar-a-Lago isn’t just Trump’s home. It’s also a huge country club open to anyone who can afford it and their guests, some foreign, who attend large receptions and other events.
Oh, yes, remember those campaign rallies when Trump gleefully led the crowd in the chant about Hillary Clinton shouting “Lock her up,” over her having a private server for some of her emails? Turns out some of Trump’s staff, including Jared Kushner did the same thing.
It makes those “Lock her up” chants seem pretty ironic, doesn’t it.
Mary Ooms
Perryville, Mo


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