Letter to the Editor: Lawless Elite


Dear Editor,
Not long ago I recommended that you add a “Chassin’ Jason” column to your Opinion page, allowing insulted readers to respond to Jason Smith’s biased drivel, and I must say that the beagles were barking last week as I read Derrick Caudle’s rebuttal to Representative Smith.
As a former Social Studies teacher, I can vouch for the difficulty of holding an audience when it comes to conveying the dismal science, Economics. My econ lectures used to make the drowsy student comatose, future valedictorians remained bright eyed, but I noticed that their note-taking pencils quit smoking.
Caudle took issue with Smith’s politically self-serving over-simplification of today’s inflation, which our Congressman blames solely on President Biden. Republicans are trained to reject criticism of Conservatism out of hand, labelling it Liberal, but writing as an émigré from Spain, Caudle may have evaded this first trench of Echo Chamber groupthink.
In short, the Show-me transplant systematically explained that today’s inflation is a complex international problem. He astutely asserted that Smith’s “black and white” missive was a “gross disservice” to citizens who want to understand and address the problem. I’d like to think that Caudle would approve my recent conclusion, “Mr. Smith abuses the privilege of addressing the people of Perry County when he fails to do his homework.”
If Caudle’s respectful fleshing-out of a complicated phenomenon in a little town paper is an example of “micro-integrity,” then we have “macro-integrity” on the national scene, as the 1/6 Congressional Committee reviews the facts of the post-election attack on our Nation’s Capital.
The Committee has proven that Donald Trump knows that he lost the 2020 election fair and square. His campaign team told him that he’d lost. Oval Office intimates told him. Justice Department leaders told him. Donald’s daughter, Ivanka, agreed with Bill Barr when the AG told Trump that his fraud fantasies were “Bullspit.”

Fifty-some years ago a lawless hippie, Charles Manson, hoped to initiate an American Revolution with a plan he called “Helter Skelter.” Due to the plan five people died.
On January 6, 2021, a lawless elite, Donald Trump, set in motion the “Elector Rejector” plan to prevent the peaceful transition of presidential power. Due to the plan five people died.
Folks in little country towns were appalled by Manson’s ambition. Today they worship Donald Trump. Fifty years ago, the manipulation of rural minds, through a Republican Echo Chamber, was just a cynical dream.
I hope you get a chance to read this letter, Mr. Raubel, my conclusion is for you. In 21st century America, Jason Smith and Donald Trump are brave, gallant matadors, and Truth the doomed bull.
Jesse Laurentius


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