Letter to the Editor: Front line


Dear Editor
Teachers teach. And a teacher’s heart races with despair when we hinder the ability to do just that!
Teachers open our minds. And yes, this very day, my eyes were opened to those whose passion is to plainly, simply, and honestly teach!
We look to and support those teachers who leave their personal beliefs at the school doors, as they walk in each morning and just simply try to teach our kids and fill their fragile minds with good solid knowledge each and every glorious day that God gives us to draw breath!
We look to Teachers that do not allow others to harm our children with negative personal influence, propaganda, pop psychology, and government overreach. We support those teachers who know when their Administration, School Board, and Government expectations have gone astray. We support their fight to internally resist things that take away both time and place for enriching your child’s mind and always keeping focus on excellence in education everyday, in every way, focusing on education for the greater good!

Sadly, Teachers that love teaching are caught between parents that are apathetic and parents that are scared to death of a loss of education for their children. Teachers, please understand that the parents fear is just that, it is a genuine fear. It’s not judgement from parents, but the fear for our children and their well being!
Teachers, fighting everyday on the frontline, who just want what is right for our kids, are caught between a Parent’s fearful outrage and an Administration and Board that want no resistance from within. Where ideas are just in name only sit on a committee! Plan a program! But don’t worry teachers, follow us and don’t worry. Parents, the we got this attitude from the Administration and some on the School board-- “There is nothing to see here folks”, the”WE GOT THIS” attitude from the powers that be. Never question us, we are in control “Good parents, Good teachers need not apply!”
We Support teachers who simply and honestly support our children’s education first. It is education, priority # 1.
Good teachers, we need you, we support you, we thank you!

With All Respect,
Keith Alexander Carroll


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