Letter to the Editor: Freedom


Dear Editor,
Independence Day, the real American celebration that is to bring us ALL together, not divide us!
Freedom from the powers that deter you, it’s the ability to pursue happiness, yes happiness. Remember friends that old forgotten word. A noble goal is happiness. It does not say in our founders writings the freedom to hang on by a thread or fight for scraps but it is the pursuit to enrich your life and that of your family, as you see fit.  The hard work YOU do will allow that to happen in a free society.
Independence from: Tyranny, Government overreach at ALL LEVELS, Corporate overreach at ALL LEVELS, Taxation without representation, Law enforcement corruption, Over regulation, Fear mongering, Executive order, Meddling with a fair press, Quelling free speech
Using corporations an arm of Government, Suppression of Religion, Restrictions on capitalism, Poor education practices in schools, Corruption.
Freedom, the sheer unmitigated Independence that separates you as AMERICANS from the Government regulating the pursuit of happiness from your ethos! Freedom! 
Fight for it Locally, Statewide and Nationally or lose it forever!
Get involved , express and show value to your community, give back or take nothing.”

With All Respect,
Keith Alexander Carroll


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