Letter to the Editor: Dust bin of history


Dear Editor,
However much we may seek to forget it, Jan. 6th was an abysmal desecration of our nation’s heritage, history, constitution and ideals.
Anyone.... anyone.... who has not.... would not openly decry & condemn this desecration is.... and must be condemned as an enemy of our Democracy!!!
We cannot... we must not equivocate with our fellow “adult” human beings.... many in positions of power & privilege... who have, by their declaration of ignorance or compliance, or their open acquiescence to this ultimate desecration, have condemned themselves to irrelevance & ignominy.
This election.... Nov. 8th not only may be, but ... without hyperbole.... is likely to be our last real opportunity to maintain a grasp on that Democracy.... and discard those real enemies of Democracy to the dustbin of history!!!
It is literally up to us!!!


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