Letter to the Editor: Dr. Joe


Dear Editor
Dr. Joe Hutchison has dedicated his entire adult life to serving his community!
When you bump into Joe at Roziers grocer at 7:30 a.m. and mention a toothache to Doc at 8:05 a.m. you’re sitting in his chair getting first rate professional care on short notice. Then you know what caring more really means, because Joe does care more!
You see it when you go to lunch at Parket and bump into our county’s favorite dentist and you say you have swollen gums at 12:15 p.m. after a great meal from our hometown diner you are in Doc’s waiting room lickety split at 1:05 that same day, headed to get an X­ ray without an appointment. You don’t have to have people tell you he cares! You already know it! When Hoeckeles amazingly delicious sweet donuts tingles that sensitive tooth, who leaps into action from his booth behind his newspaper with a glazed Bear Claw in his hand? The one, the only Doctor Joe. There is no argument from you, when he says doctors orders, follow me stat back to my office.

Hometown proud! Hometown service! Hometown care!
Doc Hutchison is exactly what you think of when you think “People Care More Here” means, not through words, but through his honest, sincere, no nonsense actions.
Doc Hutchison deserves to join the PCMH Board team. We need someone to care about us. I would like to say that I attended the Candidate forum last Thursday at the Legion, and would like to know who had the audacity to ask the question about Joe’s personal income?

Sandy Vinson


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