Letter to the Editor: Don’t be complicit


Dear Editor:
Are we complicit in the destruction of our democracy and the virtually inevitable devastation that will mean for the entire planet?
I wish that were hyperbole, but it is not. As individual, theoretically responsible citizens, we are sitting by in willful ignorance, or worse still egging on self-centered individuals and institutions who are allowing a narcissistic, misogynistic and amoral emotional infant to smear, disparage, denigrate and do everything possible to destroy the democratic institutions responsible for our freedom and which have guarded and provided a beacon for the freedom seeking people of the world for two centuries. What can we do?

Call them out! Stop accessing their media idiocy and when someone labels himself a Republican, a conservative or a Christian; ask them the key rhetorical question: “Then I know you unequivocally condemn the conduct of the national Republican Party, its leaders and anyone else who would claim to support or make excuses for Donald Trump?”
If all they can do then is furiously (and guiltily) “but”, “but”, “but” like a programmed little motorboat, just turn around and walk away. You know the truth and you know who and what you have to support.

Jim Martin