Letter to the Editor: Delegitimizing our Democracy is dangerous


Dear Editor,
At 12 years of age I got a one-shot immunization against Republican propaganda, let me tell you about it. My old man had two distinct characteristics, he was a hunter, and he was a Democrat. Our family moved from the city to the country in 1964, so that dad would have more time to hunt. One bird season, he and his setters headed out every day but two: his goddaughter got married that fall and there was an early winter blizzard.
1994 was an election year and I heard something very strange at school, a classmate was saying that Democrats wanted to confiscate guns.
Dad laughed when I told him. He explained that lots of people never get over giving up their belief in the Tooth-fairy and the Easter Bunny, so they created a bogey-woman, “Confiscation Connie,” who lurks outside their door, hungering for their guns.
When I asked Grandpa about CC he had to chuck, and I realized that Connie was an inside joke between the World War veterans, dad and his pop. Grandpa said I had stumbled onto what was called a “whispering campaign,” an effective but misleading message that politicians were embarrassed to express publicly.
That embarrassment disappeared in 1988 when the Fairness Doctrine was rescinded. Confiscation Connie become the propaganda template, the dread spreading mother of all Conservative conspiracies and misinformation, as FOX News and talk radio successfully demonized the political Left.
Saddam’s make-believe WMC, Obama’s Kenyan cradle, Deep State Dave, who lurks inside the doors of government, hungering to do harm, are all manifestations of the gun confiscation myth.
Our ancestors went without the luxury of artificial enemies. They met the mysteries of Life with prayer, not manufactured ire. Our ancestors built this great nation by focusing on real problems.
Has Connie diversified, confiscating votes these days? Has she magically multiplied, simultaneously snatching votes, and only Trump votes, in both Georgia and Arizona?
Demonizing the loyal opposition was ugly, but delegitimizing our Democracy, through the ruse of a stolen election, is dangerous. Our birddogs knew better than to squad beside the foot bowl.

Jesse Laurentius,


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