Letter to the Editor: Deadline to Register


You, .... we all have a tremendous responsibility as Americans... as citizens.... WE are responsible for this huge democratic effort which is our SELF government.
- Should each of our votes count?
- Do our votes count?
- Are you concerned about corruption in our government?
- Are you concerned about the honesty of our leaders/representatives?
- Who do our political leaders/representatives listen to?... respond to?.... finally answer to?
- Do you believe that all human beings have a right to: a decent life?.... liberty/freedom from coercion?.... from dictation?... to freely pursue happiness/well being for themselves & their children/families?
- Do you think it's important to do something?

What can you... we do?
- Reach out to at least three folks you think might not be registered to vote... & encourage/help them to get registered. (You/they can call the Perry County Clerk's office & Jared & Amanda will help you)
- Inform yourself via legitimate, unbiased, multiple news sources.
- Get involved with others who are interested in & accurately informed about our responsibilities .... & the facts.
- Find out more by texting or calling 573-513-6448
- Tues., Nov. 8th.... Vote .... on the basis of the facts."

Jim Martin


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