Letter to the Editor: Beliefs


To the Editor:
Five belief statements which might give a hint as to whether we can define ourselves as “traitors” or “patriots”. Can you honestly get into your head on this?
1. A weapon specifically designed to kill my fellow human beings, in my possession is more important than our constitution, laws & other human being’s lives, potentially including my loved ones; in that I believe it will somehow miraculously remove my fear/anxiety about my fellow human beings/citizens “otherness” and/or intentions?
2. I know more about the health, welfare, or reproductive rights or needs of other of my fellow human beings than they themselves do and therefore have a right to dictate to them their behavior?
3. I believe that unfilled jobs speak to my fellow human being’s laziness or unfitness…rather than their right as citizens or potential immigrants to pursue their own happiness/welfare?
4. I believe my vote/political position is more informed/worthwhile than other of my individual or collective fellow citizens/human beings?
5. I believe that, as one of 300 million plus American citizens, I know more than the accumulated knowledge of generations of environmental & political scientists, historians, ethicists, etc. re. climate change, political rights, national & world history, religion, morality, etc. and I’m completely unwilling to absorb knowledge to the alternative?

Jim Martin,


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