City lifts burn order


The City of Perryville could not be any more thankful for rain than it is right now.
The area received enough precipitation and the conditions were right to lift the city’s “no burn” order on July 5.
“By order of the Chief of Police, and in conjunction with the Fire Chief, the City of Perryville hereby immediately rescinds the No Burn Order that was issued on June 29, 2023.” Perryville Chief of Police Dierk Hunt said in a release.
The area had more than two inches of rain during the afternoon on July 5, which was enough to rescind the ban.
The ban postponed the fireworks display that was scheduled for July 3 that is put on by the Perryville Rotary Club each year. The organization is still working on a new date for the event.

“Everything goes back to normal,” City Administrator Brent Buerck said.
Parts of the county received rain over the previous weekend, but it was not enough to lift the advisory or the burn order.
“We talked to the fire department on Sunday and it was not enough to lift it,” Buerck said. “A lot of that is because of the proximity of the houses. Everybody is close to each other within the city limits and we want to keep everybody safe.”
This is the first time in quite some time that Perryville has issued a No Burn Order, but there have been several surrounding communities that have done the same.
“Unfortunately, it is necessary,” Buerck said.