Board continues discussion on e-bikes


The City of Perryville continued its discussion regarding electric bikes on sidewalks/city trails at its meeting on July 5.
The board discussed it at length and during his research City Attorney Art Pistorio found existing Missouri state law and statutes that address the matter. It was proposed refer to state law to address e-bikes but modify city ordinances that currently prohibit any self-propelled vehicles in the city park.
This would allow Class 1 and Class 2 electric bikes, that go under 20 miles per hour. “Basically it says that anything that is gas powered or has a motor that is measured in CCs or something like that, would not be allowed,” Perryville City Administrator Brent Buerck said.
Buerck and the board felt like the electric bike is growing in popularity and that it was time to revisit the ordinances when it comes to such vehicles.
“They are becoming more and more available and people are getting them,” Buerck said. “State parks allow them and we are trying to mirror what they do on a lot of their trails.”
Multiple Aldermen expressed concern for elderly residents and children walking on the trail, as well as the many people who walk their dogs and how they can keep everyone safe when it comes to passing or meeting on the trails.

“The biggest concern is little kids and half of the walkers have dogs on leashes,” Alderman Tom Guth said at the June 20 meeting. “Somebody coming through on a bike and not paying attention could be a problem. I’m just playing devil’s advocate here.”
Buerck said the aldermen would put the ordinance in motion and then observe how the e-bikes and walkers co-exist.
“One of the Aldermen made the comment that you can pedal a normal bike as high as 20 miles per hour,” Buerck said. “Nothing’s perfect, but we are going to put it into motion and watch it.
At the June 20 meeting, The Board had differing opinions on several things including if allowing e-bikes for adults is ok, then allowing a motorized scooter for their child wouldn’t be a bad thing. The board agreed that allowing e-bikes with a speed limit of up to 15 mph.
An ordinance will be presented at the next meeting.
“We will have to go back and work on that language,” Buerck said. “They talked about the micromobility generally and maybe allowing that. We will work on something and let the board decide what they wanted ultimately.”
An ordinance will be presented to the Aldermen at the next regular meeting.