Letter: April ballot


I understand the need for the County Commissioners to “squeeze” every penny out of it’s residents. (case in point- taxing the ATVs, UTVs,& ROHVs) My question to the commission is: “why wasn’t this topic made public knowledge so the county residents could have a say in the matter before it was voted on?” (please refer to the sunshine laws for meetings. For those who do not know public entities are required to post their meeting agendas in the media [not just on a poster board in the admin bldg]). Could it be that the commission knew before hand, that they would be “ruffling feathers” and there would be many, many citizens upset with this and they did not want to have to deal with it? Please do not get me wrong; I do and will pay my taxes; I just believe this issue should’ve been put up for a vote on the April ballot. This is and has been a hot topic for years and it is not a topic that should’ve been left up to three people to vote on.

Donna Favier, Perryville


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